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Humiliated and tarnished, but Hardie directors will still live well

The court's verdict in condemning the abominable behaviour of the directors of James Hardie is well overdue ("Flagrant breaches end careers of directors", August 21). It is a timely remainder to corporate Australia that a duty of care should be of paramount importance in executing their responsibilities. The enormous more


First internet cab off the rank STUCK in a jam? No Palm Pilot? No problem! At least not if you're aboard one of Yahoo's internet taxis in Brazil. The first five taxis equipped with internet-accessing laptops and swathed in Yahoo's purple and yellow livery have joined more

Cab Fare Rises Should Flow To Wollongong

Fare increases to Sydney taxi drivers who work between 10pm and 5am should flow on to Wollongong, Wollongong Radio Cabs manager Nick Katselos said yesterday. ``A driver can sit for two to three hours on a rank after midnight and get one fare for $5 - who works more

Sachin Takes The Game To A New Level

IT IS a privilege of great sportsmen to change the mood of any game. Indeed it is their duty or else their extra talent is wasted. They are not restricted by the rules that keep the rest of us in check. In full flight, they can make us more

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TODAY * JOHN HOWARD'S BIOGRAPHY RELEASED * MULTICULTURAL MARKETING AWARDS ANNOUNCED * CRICKET: AUS v SA, SCG The Tribal Mind What they do in Melbourne THE idiosyncracies in the way Australians watched TV this year are explained by our analyst, Robin Oliver ... more